Hellos and Good-byes

The last few weeks have been filled with good-byesand hellos…it’s a bit hard to keep track of everyone’s coming and going :)  The day that our second ROPES camp started, Syd’s Dad headed to the airport after being with us for 6 weeks.  We aren’t sure what we would have done without him.  He helped with many camp projects, was a huge help with the container arriving, helped to keep Syd sane with some different issues that arose while he was here, and did dishes every night for me (amongst other things!).  And of course, he played with the kiddos and held his new grandson :)

A few days after he left, we got to say hello to the Jacksons, returning to Uganda after being in the states on home assignment for the last 7+ months.  We are very excited to have them back as friends and co-workers.  Perhaps Malachi is the most excited though…he had been counting down the days until John got back :)

ROPES camp ended on Saturday, and then on Monday, we brought the 4 LTD students to the airport.  2 1/2 months flew by…especially since the middle month we were gone, waiting for Levi to be born!!  They have been such a blessing and fun to have around.  Again, with Kanyikes and Jacksons gone, I’m not sure what we would have done these months without them!!!

The same day that they left, we picked up my parents for a 2 1/2 week visit.  Again, it was wonderful to have family here visiting, and a huge help as we continue to adjust to being a family of 6 during this busy season at camp.  My Dad helped with some projects around the house and for camp, and my Mom kept me sane and encouraged me in these days of tiredness and blessing with a newborn in the house.  One of the biggest blessings was their offer to watch the older 3 kids for a night while Syd and I (and Levi of course), got away together.  We don’t take that for granted!!

Now they too are gone, and we are missing everyone!  We are thankful for all of the visitors lately, and will be waiting for our next round of “hellos!”