Thanks to those who prayed for the safe arrival of our son, Levi Lwazi Sparks.  He is now 2 months old, and his birth seems like an eternity ago!  We were so grateful for the Lord’s care in all of the details of his arrival.  We didn’t have to drive across town through heavy traffic since labor started in wee hours of the morning…our doctor had just returned to Uganda from being out of country for a month (he had actually just flown in the night before, so he was very tired!)…Syd’s Dad had arrived a week earlier which had given Heidi (our introvert homebody) time to warm up to him.  It was so nice to not have to figure out how to get our kids across town to stay with our friends!  The hospital was so full that they allowed us to go home in the evening (after Levi was born at 10:15am), which enabled a quicker, more restful recovery.

We really like the name Levi, especially since it means “harmonious”.  Lwazi is luganda for “rock”…a reminder to us that God is our ROCK (Ps. 18; 61, etc.).  He never changes no matter what chaos is going on all around us, and we can trust Him in all circumstances at all times.  He gives us just what we need for each moment!  This has been such a reassuring truth to us throughout this year


Levi has been doing really well.  His older brother and sisters absolutely adore him.  Heidi affectionately calls him “Bee-vi”; when corrected, she adamantly states, “Not Levi, Bevi!!”  He has had the privilege of having Syd’s Dad here for the first month of his life and then my parents for the last couple of weeks.  What a blessing on many levels!