Musana at Forest Springs

After 2+ years of praying and pulling together paperwork, it seemed a bit surreal when we received the call from my parents that Medi, Eva, Jesse, and Eden Kanyike were standing with them outside of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.  We got the call at almost 2am as we lay in our bed, but our hearts were dancing! ;)

Ever since Musana started, our desire was to send one of our Ugandan staff for the Leadership Training Development (LTD) training that we had completed in 2006 at Forest Springs in Wisconsin.  It is a great program for training people in all of the different aspects of camp ministry.  We don’t intend to turn Musana into an American camp, but since camp ministry is so new in this country, we felt that it would greatly benefit the ministry at Musana to have a core Ugandan staff member exposed to some great, well-established christian camps.

We sought the Lord for who to send for the training, and it was clear that Medi and Eva were the right people to send.  That was confirmed 2 1/2 years ago when they talked to us about possibly getting more camp ministry training and exposure somewhere!  So 2 1/2 years ago, we attempted to send them, but their US visas were rejected.  So we continued on until it seemed that the timing might again be right this year.  We have been so blessed and encouraged to see how the Lord has opened doors this time, putting all of the pieces into place.

Norm, the LTD director, was here in September, helping with the ACC conference, so they had a chance to get to know him (and he got the chance to know their home here!).  So neat how that worked out.  There have also been two other visitors in the past that are currently on staff at Forest Springs, so Medi and Eva have connections as they are there–a huge blessing when you step outside of your culture for the first time!

It’s been fun to hear of their first impressions, including:

  • being incredulous that no one walks (or rides bike) along the freeways
  • being confused at why cars kept driving up to and talking at the drive-thru speaker at a restaurant

And already they have shared some insights that they are gleaning about christian camping that will positively impact the way that they lead here at Musana.  We are so thankful for the Lord providing this opportunity.  Now we just pray that we will all make it through the year while they are gone! :)