January Holiday

Morning session during ROPES camp

Parents join campers on last day of ROPES camp

Because the Ugandan school year starts in February, January is often a busy month at Musana.  This year we had 4 groups as well as several individuals and families that came during the month.  One of the weeks was a returning school for ROPES camp, so we were particularly busy then.

Our family also traveled to Kasana for some meetings and the annual Envisioning Conference.  It was nice to briefly see people at Kasana, although it was unbelievably hot there!  We were glad to return to our cooler Musana weather, although even here, we  had been experiencing a drought for a while which made for higher-than-normal temps.  We are thankful that the rains have finally come.  People all over the country are in desperate need of rain in order to grow their crops!

One other visit that we enjoyed was from friends from our church in Dickinson, ND.  Pastor Ron and his daughter, Emma, and Wayne, all were here for 5 days.  It was great to have time with them.  Emma helped me with the kids while I started the first week of homeschooling for the year.  I could’ve offered her to stay the whole year, but I don’t think that her family would have accepted!  Pastor Ron spent time with each of us missionary families, encouraging us and talking through different issues at camp, and Wayne was a huge help with some electrical projects that needed to be completed.  We were privileged to be able to witness Wayne’s baptism down at our beach!

We were grateful for such a great month, and also grateful for a bit of a slower pace this month!