Lessons from a 2-yr. Old

If you are like me (Andrea), you are a “Martha”, and you often get to the end of the day feeling behind in all that you didn’t get done.  I get tired of living like that at times, but can feel so trapped by my own tendencies.  Recently I was washing walls in our house with Heidi helping.  I would squeeze out a cloth for her and then hand it to her and show her a specific spot on the wall that she could try to scrub off.  She was having a great time helping.  Sometimes she would get tired of washing and leave for a while and then come back and pick up where she left off, cleaning the parts of the wall that I showed to her.


I got to thinking about how that is how I should live my day to day.  God is doing His work, and all He asks of me is to take the cloth from His hand, and clean the area of the wall that He asks me to.  If I compare myself to Heidi in this example, the whole wall/house is way too daunting of a task.  Like her, I don’t need to get consumed and stressed by all that I’m not getting done!  I need to enjoy my time with my Creator as I do the things that He has for me each day.  I was especially thankful for Heidi’s help that day as she gave me a great picture to think about in my day-to-day.