New Staff!!

We are happy to tell you that we have new staff members – people that we have been praying for for some time!  The Sinkler family has finally joined us.  I say finally, because we have anticipated their arrival for so long.  But really, they arrived here very quickly considering all that they had to do to move a whole family (including leaving a business, selling a house, etc.) across the ocean!  Jarid will be taking over a lot of Syd’s administrative responsibilities (Whoo-hoo!!!) as well as managing staff and working with community outreach, particularly through the church.  They are a great fit here at camp.  Please be praying for Jarid, Staci, Benjamin, Kaiya, and Isaac as they adjust to their new surroundings.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be welcoming Jackie, to our staff.  She has lived in Kampala her whole life (so this is going to be quite a transition for her!!) and most recently has been serving on staff of a Kampala church, in youth ministries.  She actually came to the first non-NHU retreat that we hosted, back in 2010!  She has been involved with African Christian Camping throughout the last several years.  She is a wonderful lady who deeply loves the Lord and is great with people.  She will do an excellent job taking care of group bookings, program coordination, and many other things.