Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (BMW)

Once a year, New Hope takes the opportunity to revisit the vision of NHU through a conference called “Envisioning”.  In the past couple of years, we have begun to do the same at Musana, especially since we aren’t all able to make it to Kasana for the conference in January.  With new staff coming on board this year and different questions that had come up over the year, it was good to have this reminder and refining of our vision this May.  We are really turning our focus (back) to leading people into biblical manhood and womanhood through any program that we offer.  It’s exciting to see people challenged by the Word of God in this area – no matter what country we are from, God’s Word definitely stands opposite to what mainstream culture tells us in this area.

teaching for BMW retreat down at the lake

So we had NHU leadership lead us through the teaching on BMW that they have refined throughout the years.  Just last week, we had the opportunity to put this into action when we taught BMW to 25 high schoolers that came for 4 days.  It was great to tailor activities to highlight and emphasize the teaching.  We were thankful for the Lord’s work in the hearts of the campers and grateful to be a part of that!

Youth BMW Camp – activity to highlight leadership and helping

solo time down at the beach – reflecting on the Father’s call to step into being a man of God