Kobwin and Cave Paintings

At the end of May, Syd had some meetings up at Kobwin Children’s Center (another branch of NHU).  We packed up a tent and all trailed along (which the kids were SUPER excited about!).  A year ago, we had made the same trek, but I had been 6 months pregnant with a cold and giardia on top of that!  Needless to say, I was excited to return without any of the mentioned “conditions” and be able to enjoy the staff there a lot more!  It was great to hear what the Lord had been doing even in the midst of challenges.  They have had a very long drought, but we were encouraged to see that with the rains that had begun to come, their crops were already looking good!  Malachi really enjoyed playing with some of the kids there and Eva and Heidi enjoyed playing with some of the other staff kids that had come along for the meetings.

sweet picture from the journey to Kobwin

On the way home, we made a quick stop at a historical/archaeological site to see some cave paintings from 2000 years ago or so.  It was pretty sweet to see artifacts so old and to imagine what life would have been like for the pygmies back then.  The paintings almost all had to do with worshipping their many gods and making sacrifices; so even in that, it is neat to think how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed this country!

cave paintings

Here’s a pic of some kids that came for camp from Deliverance Church in Kampala while we were at Kobwin.