Re-united at Forest Springs


Last September we had taken our friends and co-workers, Medi and Eva, to the airport in Uganda.  They flew to Chicago, were picked up by my parents, and then were at Forest Springs Camp and Conference Center the whole past year for their training program.  This is the camp that Syd and I met at, so in addition to the fact that it is an amazing camp, it is one of our favorite places on an even more personal level!  We had been disappointed that we would not get the chance to be there while they were there, but we were not scheduled to go on furlough until spring of this next year.

But then things changed around, and we, all of a sudden, were going to be given the opportunity to be at Forest Springs with them.  It was completely surreal to drive up to the apartment building that we used to live in and find our Ugandan friends there…and then to walk around camp with them, seeing them relate as friends with many of the staff at Forest Springs that we have known throughout the years!  We had a great time with them as we talked about life this past year — all of the things that they had learned, struggled with, processed through, etc.

Then we brought them down to my parents’ place to finish packing up and preparing to fly back to Uganda.  In that remaining time, we got to continue these conversations and talk more about moving forward and what the Lord is doing at Musana and in us.  We had a blast showing them around Chicago, walking part of the lakeshore path in Lake Geneva, and letting the kids cool off a bit with a sprinkler (the weather in September was the hottest it had been for them all summer!).  It was great to have the opportunity to bring them to our home church in WI, Calvary.  There is quite a handful of people from that church that have been over to Musana, so it was nice for them to have some connections and get to share a little.

It was strange to be the ones bringing them to the airport and sending them off from this side this time!  We are excited for them to be returning to Uganda, reuniting with friends and family there.  Thanks to all who prayed for their year of camp ministry training!  We are so grateful that the Lord made it happen — we firmly believe that it was worth all of the effort!  Please pray for them as they transition back to life in Uganda, and as the boys get used to a new home!


  1. John Cinefro says

    Hope your family is enjoying your time at the Fontana house.

    Our prayers are with you and your ministry.