Wrapping Up

The last couple of months were a bit busy for us as we entered into a state of transition.  For various reasons, we left for our furlough 6 months sooner than originally planned.  This was decided right before we went into a busy couple of weeks of having a staff retreat, running a TCK (Third Culture Kid) camp, which included hosting a team from our home church in WI.  It all went really well which we were very thankful for–definitely a testimony to the Lord’s grace and goodness!

We had a great time with the team that came from Wisconsin.  They were such a blessing and such a great fit for being cabin counselors at the TCK camp.  The Lord had pulled together just the right team!  It was strange to bring them to the airport, knowing that we would be following them in several weeks’ time!


After they left we had until the end of August to pass off and wrap up things at camp and in our house.  We were grateful for this time to pull things together and get our house ready for the family that will be staying there while we are gone.  We breathed a sigh of relief as we settled into our airplane seats for our 5 hour and 15 hour flights to Chicago.  A couple of hours into the 15 hour flight, I wanted to ask “are we there yet?” as I struggled to keep Levi happy…but we made it!!

It’s been fun to be back visiting with family.  The transition always seems to take longer than we think it will, so although we are long over jet-lag, we are still in a state of transition, and looking forward to a time of debriefing and renewal at a missionary care program in the weeks ahead.