Moving Day

So the day finally came for us to move back to Uganda. We thought we were prepared and doing pretty good on time, but we ended up arriving to O’Hare “late”, about 2 1/2 hours before our flight left…we thought. Unfortunately for us, we were relying on information on our smart phone (that we had entered in MOUNTAIN time before we moved back to CENTRAL time) as to when our flight departed. Much to our dismay, we were told at the ticket line that our flight was leaving in 1 1/2 hours!!!! We had 16 bags to get tagged and through security, plus ourselves to get through security! There were some mix ups in the check-in which added to the stress and feeling of “WE MIGHT MISS OUR FLIGHT!!!”. We were so grateful for my parents being there to help as our heads were reeling and our hands were shaking as we tried to get everything sorted out :) We almost missed saying bye to my Dad as we were rushing to go through security. By the time that we got through security, the check-in crew from our flight were meeting us to help us rush to the gate. You can imagine our huge breath of relief as we sank into our seats!

Anyway, with that eventful start, everything else went absolutely fine! We had a great layover in Amsterdam and arrived in Uganda at night. We were able to get a decent night of sleep before a friend of ours picked us up to drive us back to Musana. As we drove along crowded city streets, to rural highways, to our little dirt roads shared with cows and chickens, we felt right at home again. It was great to get back to Musana and start to see our friends there.

Then began the unpacking and sorting and pulling out of storage. It was like we were moving into a new house as far as the amount of time that it took to settle back in. Part of that is because we were battling things like ants that were all over our kitchen and had made a nest in a bin of our clothes. Syd was able to fix our freezer that had broken while we were gone, only in time for our little refrigerator to break down. He had to chase rats out of his workshop and try to salvage some things that they had eaten into.

But we were so glad to be back in this beautiful place, since the Lord had clearly led us back here. We are excited to see what these next few years will look like for us!