Settling Back In

Thanks for all who prayed for us as we transitioned back to life in Uganda. 5 weeks later, we arefeeling settled again, although many readjustments took longer than we would have thought! It’s great to be back with our Musana family again, getting to see all sorts of children walking up for church each Sunday, hearing people’s testimonies at church, sharing meals and life together again. We also quickly readjusted to little inconveniences like jiggers (tiny fleas that burrow into your skin and lay an egg sac). Eva won the prize for getting one within a week of arrival, and Syd and I quickly followed. Levi enjoys having people around all the time and is trying his hardest to communicate to everyone!



Syd has had various meetings to discuss restructuring which has been very helpful in our resettling process. Clarity is starting to take shape. It’s been great to reconnect with staff not only here at Musana, but also from Kasana and Kobwin. We had a foreign staff retreat several weeks after returning in which we were challenged and encouraged as we looked at 2 Corinthians together. It was great to catch up during our free time. And then leaders from Kasana and Kobwin came to camp for the national team meetings.

We’ve put 4 weeks of school under our belts which is a great start. I’ve enjoyed having that focused time with the kids again, although our little 2 year old makes it a bit difficult at times to focus. It’s all starting to fall into place though! I am praying about what little ways the Lord wants me to engage in the ministry that He is doing around us…specifically if there are ways that I can involve the children as well. So please pray for clear direction in that.  And please continue praying for the restructuring process and for greater unity amongst our Musana staff.

Thanks for reading!