Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

It’s amazing how 10 years can seem like such a long time ago, but can also seem like just the other day!  Ten years ago, Syd and I were into our 2nd year of marriage and were living at Kasana Children’s Center.  I was attending the New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family and he was traveling back and forth to the camp land to oversee the construction of the first camp building and to work on land issues.  He had already run the first camp for David Family from Kasana Children’s Center, and we were getting ready to move our lives to this beautiful, but little known, remote place.  Actually what people DID know about it was that it was called “Bukunja”…a place for cannibals :)  But those were all lies based on stories from the past.

As we recently prepared for Musana’s 10th anniversary celebration, I would catch myself thinking back to how things used to be as I walked through different areas of camp.  Remembering how we used to rely only on rain water, and if it ran out, we would have to go through a long process to pump up from the stream.  Or how we used to have to carry food from our makeshift kitchen 100 feet to the serving lines.  Or how we would have to cram people into 4 big safari tents.  How GRATEFUL we are for how the Lord has grown Musana!  More than the facilities, we are overwhelmingly thankful for the thousands of people that have been part of this place…from amazing staff, to campers, to people from the community, to teams and other visitors.  We are so blessed by all of these relationships!

So we took the weekend of November 24-25 to celebrate.  Saturday, around 40 guests arrived that have been part of Musana’s history in one way or another.  We had a sweet evening of praising God and hearing testimonies of how He has worked in people’s lives through this place.  We ended our campfire with 3 minutes of fireworks :)  Such a fun way to celebrate what God has done!

Planting trees in the community.

Syd giving a tour.

Sunday was an all out Thanksgiving service and meal for all of the guest that had joined us, plus something like 500 people from the community.  It was a wonderful time of praising the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness.  Uncles Jonnes shared the message, and around 50 people responded to his message with a desire to give their lives to the Lord!  We pray that those seeds planted will continue to grow.

The Sunday School choir.

Staff were absolutely exhausted by the time that the last few people were leaving and we were gathering for a quick meeting.  But that soon changed when a water fight broke out in celebration of Syd’s birthday!  What a fun, memorable way to end a great weekend.

Thank you to the many reading this who have stood with us in prayer throughout the years.  I’m honestly tearing up as I write this, knowing that we would not be here without your crucial part in our lives and this ministry!!!  We can’t thank you enough!

Psalm 100