We were very excited to take part in running our first ROPES (Rites of Passage ExperienceS) camp since returning from the states.  These camps are one of our favorite programs that Musana runs.  This time it was for a group of 45 IY students (high school graduates in New Hope’s gap year program) as the culmination of their intense year of discipleship and internships.

The students all come to camp having heard stories from those that have gone before them of a long hike, seemingly endless day of fasting and silence, as well as other challenges.  As the week goes on and they actually experience those things first-hand, you begin to see changes of heart as many questions are asked in response to truths from God’s Word that they are hearing in correlation with these stretching experiences.

Guys about to head back to main camp after their 2 nights of camping on the island

Syd ended up teaching pretty much every session for this week of camp, so he was absolutely exhausted by the end.  But it was a rewarding exhaustion.  I got to help with a few things, but I was mainly at home with the kids doing homeschool.  We are wanting to get our kids more involved with what goes on at camp, so it was neat to have Malachi join me in helping to serve meals to the campers.

Teaching pottery as a symbol of what the ladies had learned during the week

We praise God for this opportunity to speak into the lives of some of the youth of Uganda…and are grateful that as we are doing that, He is speaking into OUR hearts, growing and changing us!