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January brought many groups for camps.  One of the highlights was the ROPES camp for students from several schools and homeschool co-ops in Kampala.  If you can tell from other posts and our newsletters, we really love ROPES camps!  It is a tremendously impacting camp program that comes at the end of a year-long discipleship program.

One of the challenges of this particular week of camp was when the campers got rained out on their day-long hike (pictured above).  As they got drenched and cold, they had to choose what their response would be — complaining and whining in a childish way, or stepping up as young adults and embracing the extra challenge as a growing experience.  It was neat to see most of them choose the latter, proof that they were being challenged by the teaching.

The last day of camp, the parents arrived to debrief with the kids and support them as many of them made commitments to follow Christ, choose purity, and make a conscious step into young manhood/womanhood.  After they all left, we got to hear some testimonies from some of the parents:

“Thank you for taking us through this amazing experience.  My son can’t stop talking about the camp lessons learnt:

  1. value of teamwork
  2. responsibility
  3. learning how to contain and control anger no matter what
  4. rebellion doesn’t work
  5. checking what you say all the time”

“Our son’s attitude towards work has improved.  He now prefers keeping himself busy!”

There were many other testimonies about the impact of the week and making commitments to walk in purity, etc.  The lady who organized the camp and taught the discipleship course leading up to the camp said:

“I’ve heard amazing testimonies from parents face to face, and the impact undeniable.  Our prayer should continue that the young men and women will keep growing.  It gives me confidence that our grandchildren will be taught (Ps. 78).  And Uganda will change.”

As Syd steps into his new role as Camp Development Manager, he has the challenge of figuring out how to keep up with the interest in this program, while also  further developing it.  Musana already has several new churches that are wanting someone to come and present the program to parents so that they can get on board.  Please pray with us as we continue to seek the Lord in developing this program.