Musana Community Church

From when Musana Community Church started as a group of about 20 mostly staff members, it has been exciting to see our church body grow throughout the years.  Lately we have been averaging about 290 people on a Sunday morning, about 80% of those individuals being children!  We are grateful that more people are regularly attending church and hearing God’s truth proclaimed each week.  We pray that the change in numbers will eventually mean change in hearts as well.  It’s exciting to think that many of the next generation in this area are growing up hearing the truth and promises of God’s Word.

In all of these years, several Musana staff men have acted as the elders and shared the responsibility of preaching on Sundays.  They have done a great job, but the situation is far from ideal.  We have established some deacons who help to discern the needs within the church body.  But much gets missed without a full-time Ugandan pastor who can counsel people, visit people, and see into the cultural areas that affect the hearts of many of our church members.  So we are praying for the Lord to provide such a man.  Will you please pray with us for the Lord to raise up a man to fill this much needed role, helping our church to grow in depth and not just breadth?