Ebenezer Family Vacation

It was hard to miss the excitement bouncing around Ebenezer Family this past week as they prepared for their family vacation to Jinja, the city at the start of the Nile.  A friend of one of the other missionaries, Ann, very generously offered to pay the way for all of the kids to spend 4 […]

South African Visitors

This last week we had a bunch of guys drop in on us unexpectedly.  The group of 6 are from South Africa and are all part of a group called MOTE (Missions Outreach Training and Exposure) which is a student led group on a couple of different college campuses.  They want to mobilize college aged […]

Construction Continues

Construction continues and we are making some good progress.  It is exciting to see things go up.  Here are a few pictures of  what is happening.  The photo above is the house in progress on the left hand side of the photo, the nearly completed bathing shelters which are a little hard to see but […]

Construction Begins

Construction has finally begun.  Last week we broke ground and began working on the foundation for our first building.  One thing that is quite different about the construction process over here is that there are no big machines to do the work for you.  So everything that you see dug out in the photo was […]

Engineering Ministries International

This past Friday we went to the camp site with a group of people from EMI.  EMI (Engineering Ministries International) is another missions organization whose ministry is to support other christian organizations by doing architectural design and engineering for the projects that they are working on.   EMI will be coming to help us develop a […]