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A visit from home

Monday and Tuesday we had a nice visit from home.  Don, Larry and Rhonda from our home church in Wisconsin came out to the camp to see us.  They came with Grace, Reba, and Helen Rwothumio from Kampala.  They were working on a project with University Community Fellowship a sister church to Calvary.  We had […]

Andrea’s Parents

We never would have thought that within a year of moving to Uganda, we would get to welcome my parents into our lives here.  It was amazing to have Dad and Mom with us for almost 2 weeks.  They came with the team from Calvary Community Church and had a great time seeing several different […]


It’s pretty amazing to see how God takes care of needs that we have before we even think about them.  He sent my cousin, Jennifer, to us to fill such a need.  Back in September or so, Jennifer started looking at coming out for a few weeks/months to visit and help us at the camp.  […]