Directions to Musana Camps


Directions From Lugazi

  • Drive through Lugazi. After the roundabout turn right at the sign post for Buikwe District Headquarters.  The road is gravel.
  • Drive 3 km from the tarmac turn right at a small village called Kawuku.  There is a tree directly across from the intersection and the road slopes up.  Shortly after the turn you will cross railroad tracks.  Ask for the road to Ngogwe if you are unsure. Stay on the main road through the sugar cane fields.
  • Continue 15km to Ngogwe…. In the middle of the sugarcane there is a Y in the road – stay right
  • After 8km there is a crossroads going to Ssenyi.  Keep going straight.
  • At Ngogwe the road comes to a T.  Turn left and continue 2km to Nangunga.
  • At Nangunga turn right by the sign for Twebaze General Hardware,  This is the the road to Ssii.  If you are unsure of a turn ask someone for the road to Ssii.
  • After 5km you will reach Kawoomya.  Continue straight to Ssii.
  • After about 2.5km you will come to a beautiful place overlooking the valley on the right.  This is a good place to stretch your legs, or stop for short call.  (You have about 45 minutes to go)  Continue about 5.5km to Ssii.
  • At Ssii drive completely through town and turn right towards Gaba (not the same Gaba as near Kampala).  Stay on the main road.  Drive carefully on this stretch of road.  It is full of deep potholes.
  • After 4km there is a Y in the road with a house in the middle of the Y, take the left branch.
  • Continue 1km to a Musana Camps sign post and make a right hand turn up the hill toward Zitwe. Rough road.
  • Continue 1km.  You will pass the Zitwe Primary School and continue to the top of the hill. Turn right at the top of the hill and continue 2 km to Gaba.
  • In Gaba, you will see sign for Musana Camps.  Turn slight left and continue towards the lake.
  • Continue through a small valley and up the other side for 1.5 km.
  • You will pass several village homes on your right.  After the village homes the road continues left.
  • The Musana Camps Main Gate is to the left.
  • Follow the camp drive across grassland on top of the hill.
  • The road then goes down a hill through a small banana garden and trees.
  • Immediately after banana grove, the road will open up with view of lake again. Continue on the road down to the main camp.