New Hope Uganda (NHU) is an organization dedicated to bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless through holistic Gospel transformation in communities.

Over the years, NHU has cared for many orphaned children. In the late 1980’s when NHU began, most fatherless children in Uganda were orphaned as a result of war. Since then, the primary reason for newly orphaned children has shifted, but the reasons are almost always directly linked to human decisions. These decisions are made based on our most fundamental beliefs – our definitions of manhood and womanhood. These definitions dictate how we live, and make a tremendous impact on our world and our culture; too often the impact is devastating.

In the mid 1990’s, NHU’s founder, Jay Dangers developed a conviction that the most effective way to address the orphan problem was prevention. He believed that we could accomplish this by addressing the fundamental definition of manhood in order to see the boys of Uganda grow into godly men. It was out of this passion and conviction that the dream of starting a youth camp was born. The camp would be a place where both young men and women could be immersed in biblical truth, trained into godly men and women, and equipped to be agents of transformation in their communities.

In 2008, Syd and Andrea Sparks joined NHU, and the dream to start the camp began to unfold. By September of that same year, before the camp had an official name or a single building, the first camp was held for David Family from NHU’s Kasana Children’s Center. By March of 2009, the name Musana Camps was chosen, reflecting the desire for God’s truth to shine its light into the lives and hearts of all who would come. In August, the title to the property was in hand, and by June of 2010, Medi Kanyike, Musana’s first full time Ugandan staff member joined.

Over the years, the Lord has blessed Musana with many wonderful staff members and increasing numbers of campers. Early on, it was very evident that Musana would be unique and different from other camps due to our remote location. The needs of both camp staff and the surrounding community for spiritual care, medical care as well as education has led to Musana Community Church, Musana Medical Clinic, and Musana Primary School. With camp ministry as its foundation, and the growth of these other areas the vision of Musana Camps is flourishing through an exciting and multifaceted ministry that the Lord is using to impact this community as well as the wider region and country.