Musana Camps beginnings stretch back over the past 20 plus years as New Hope Uganda has been bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless in Uganda. Through those years, New Hope Uganda’s founder, Jay Dangers, developed a growing desire to start a youth camp and training center that would reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continue bringing Gods fatherhood to the fatherless primarily by providing manhood and eventually womanhood training programs.

The vision was for a place near Lake Victoria where young men could come and have their lives transformed by encountering the truth in God’s Word about being a godly man. Jay believed if New Hope Uganda (NHU) could find a way to disciple young boys and men into their God-given role as leaders, protectors, and providers, that they would be compelled to live for Christ, transformed, and set free as sons and daughters of our heavenly father. Thus effecting a change throughout Uganda as less and less children would be orphaned and abandoned.

In 2003, Jay cast this vision to Syd Sparks, then serving at the Kasana Children’s Center. Syd excitedly caught this vision and furthered the scope of the camp ministry by looking to add youth camps, family camps, and retreats, to the men’s and women’s training programs.

With the first staff in place, the search began for land to build this camp. In 2008, Jay accompanied a group of men to a piece of property on the shores of Lake Victoria. The beauty was astounding from the white sand beach to lush tropical forests, to the gentle stream running through the property, to the magnificent views from the clearings on the hilltops. As the group walked part of the property, it became clear that this was the land that the Lord was providing for NHU’s camp and training center.

Later that year, Syd and his wife Andrea came to Uganda to join God’s ministry through this new branch of New Hope Uganda. In October of 2008, before the camp had a name or any buildings were constructed, they hosted the first camp retreat with the David Family from Kasana Children’s Center. In February of 2009, the Sparks moved to the land and, with the help of Nswemu Nathan, began to secure the property. By March of 2009, through the help of volunteers from Engineering Ministries International, Musana Camps found its name. By August of that year they received the title to the property.

Since its beginning, the Lord has blessed Musana with the ability to host groups always pushing our capacity, but allowing the vision and ministry of the camp to begin taking root.  Many family camps and  youth camps have been hosted and manhood/womanhood programs are beginning.

Musana is still young and forming an identity in a country where christian camp ministry is still very new, but it is growing and excited about the potential for the future. The Lord’s hand has been in each stage thus far, through successes and struggles, sovereignly setting apart this camp for His work.