New Hope Uganda


New Hope Uganda was founded on a belief that God wanted family for the thousands of orphaned children in Uganda’s Luwero Triangle following the bloody reigns of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. Jay Dangers and his wife Vicki moved their young family to Uganda in 1986. The Dangers were soon joined by Jonnes Bakimi and, to use a common Ugandan phrase, “slowly by slowly” a dream became reality. Director Jay Dangers and Ministry Coordinator Jonnes Bakimi still lead New Hope today but little else is the same as it was 24 years ago.

Today, New Hope Uganda brings the Fatherhood of God to hundreds of orphaned, fatherless, and abandoned children and reaches out to surrounding communities through its four ministries: Kasana Children’s Center, Kobwin Children’s Center, Musana Camps, and 107.8 Musana FM radio.

NHU’s driving mission statement, “bringing the fatherhood of God to the fatherless”, is taken from Psalm 68:5,6.  The whole ministry of New Hope Uganda is wrapped up in this statement and transfers in all that they do.  NHU strives to bring glory to God through caring for orphans, showing them love, pointing them to His Kingdom through Christ, and bringing them to a life-changing understanding of the fatherhood of God.

The staff at New Hope form a multi-cultural team who consider themselves and the children they serve “family”. There are staff members from tribes that formerly hated each other, tribes whose languages are very similar and those that could not be more different. There are Americans, English, Rwandese, and Congolese. People from Sudan, Kenya, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, India, and Israel have also served with New Hope Uganda.

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