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Musana Camps Newsletter

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We are happy to say that we made it to Kampala with no sign of a baby coming yet :)  I definitely had a sense of relief that we weren’t going to be traveling on our “beautiful” roads while in labor!  Five years ago we were blessed to stay with our friends in Kampala, Jon […]

Road Construction!!!

Several months ago we started hearing rumors about a major road being built near Musana.  As we drove to town we started to see surveyors and lots of white “X’s” on houses and buildings marked for demolition.    Then one day we heard that construction was going to begin in August.  We couldn’t believe our eyes on our last […]

The Word

Lately, I have enjoyed getting involved in a ladies bible study for staff as well as the surrounding community.  Through that and studying the Bible with Robinah, the lady who has worked for us for several years, I have realized how much I have taken for granted my upbringing.  Between my parents’ teaching, growing up […]

Too Heavy for a Seatbelt

Thought I would share a little funny story from our life here.  The other week, we were driving home from Kampala from a midwife appointment and some other errands.  We had just made our final stop at the produce market and were on the dirt road on the way home.  We were surprised to see […]