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Cabins for Kids – Trip Summary

It is now a little over a week after finishing the riding part of our Cabins for Kids fundraiser.  The whole trip was an incredible experience that I enjoyed completely, including the difficult days.  We are incredibly grateful for how it has gone and have put together a summary of the trip.  These are some […]

Musana News – April 2015

One week from today Syd and Stephen start peddling to raise funds for Cabins for Kids. Check out the latest camp newsletter to see what has been happening at Musana. To view the newsletter please click on the picture above.

Cabins for Kids Video

Two weeks from today we kick off our Cabins for Kids bicycle trip. We are riding 2,425 miles to raise funds to build cabins at Musana Camps. How will you get involved?

Cabins for Kids

  Have you ever believed in something so much that you are willing to do anything for that cause? It’s funny even typing that out, because the obvious answer is that for followers of Christ, we are ALL supposed to live like that! We should be daily pouring out of our lives because of all […]