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Debriefing and Briefing

This past week we were able to get some much desired time alone so that we could have a day of quiet debriefing about the last few years. We were able to leave Malachi and Eva with their Nana (lots of fun time for them, especially since their cousin was also there!)  We are blessed by all […]

Truth Project

Over the last few weeks, we have begun doing the Truth Project as a core staff.  This is a teaching curriculum that Focus on the Family put out several years ago to be used in a small group setting.  It touches on many different aspects of God’s Truth and how it should transform our minds […]

Staff Envisioning and Foreign Staff Retreat

In our current lull of groups, we have been able to have or go to some events that are focused on staff enrichment/development.  First was our staff envisioning time.  For months Syd had been planning on having this, but things kept popping up making us push it off further.  When it finally happened (mid-May), we […]

Staff Coming and Going

We have a bad habit of writing drafts of posts and then letting them sit for months!  This was originally written at the beginning of December.  I added a few notes in bold to update what we had already written… We recently mentioned a new family coming, KB and Angela Blank.  It’s been a blessing have […]

Jacksons on Home Assignment

Yesterday we (well, I, Andrea, and the kids as Syd is in Kenya for the week) said good-bye to the Jacksons until August.  We are definitely sad to see them go while excited for them to go back to the states and visit with family and friends.  We have been blessed through their friendship as […]