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Staff Envisioning

Mid-November we had our first ever all-staff envisioning day at Musana.  Jonnes and Jay did the teaching for the day, mainly centered around why the camp is here, focusing on biblical manhood and womanhood.  Through the discussion that day, we found out a few ideas that local people have about Musana’s purpose: 1)   we are […]


On Thursday, September 27, Dan Isaac Jackson was born!  He was very healthy and Kendra had a safe delivery.  Thank you for praying with us for this!  The Jacksons came back to the camp 5 days later or so and we have really enjoyed having them around again!  They too were glad to get back […]


We’ve been blessed lately by some great volunteers.  During the Masulita group, we had 8 people come out to help for the week.  Syd did a mini staff training and everyone did a great job helping with or leading activities as well as helping clean plates, etc.   We had these volunteers stay in the tents […]

Saying Goodbye

Perhaps you remember us mentioning that when we first moved back to Uganda, we were sharing our house with a short-term staff named Cristen.  Well, just this past Friday, we took her to the airport as her year commitment was finished – a sad day for us.  She was a huge blessing in many ways—helping […]

Comings, Goings, and Celebrations

We had a fun and productive time with Jay, Vicki, and Julia Dangers when they visited last weekend.  They came out for some meetings, but we also enjoyed some great times of conversation.  The day that they arrived, we had a celebration supper that the Jacksons put together on behalf of the IY’s and Cristen […]