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Staff Coming and Going

We have a bad habit of writing drafts of posts and then letting them sit for months!  This was originally written at the beginning of December.  I added a few notes in bold to update what we had already written… We recently mentioned a new family coming, KB and Angela Blank.  It’s been a blessing have […]


This past Easter Sunday was another new beginning at Musana Camps — It was our first community church service held here at the camp.  We have been talking about doing this for quite some time, and finally the timing seemed right.  As you can see from the picture, it was a small gathering; in fact, […]

A taste of church in our part of Uganda

This is Gaba Apostles Church, the little church that we attend in the village next to Musana.  I’ve added a short video to give everyone a taste of what it’s like to worship in our little church.  (the video clip is located on the video page)