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Cabins for Kids – Trip Summary

It is now a little over a week after finishing the riding part of our Cabins for Kids fundraiser.  The whole trip was an incredible experience that I enjoyed completely, including the difficult days.  We are incredibly grateful for how it has gone and have put together a summary of the trip.  These are some […]

Musana News – April 2015

One week from today Syd and Stephen start peddling to raise funds for Cabins for Kids. Check out the latest camp newsletter to see what has been happening at Musana. To view the newsletter please click on the picture above.

Goal Setting

Camp has been pretty quiet as of late. While we were in Kampala, the place was busy with various groups, but since we got back, there has only been one retreat…and that was while we were still on maternity/paternity leave! Several families have come to stay in the guesthouse and we are getting ready for […]

Staff Coming and Going

We have a bad habit of writing drafts of posts and then letting them sit for months!  This was originally written at the beginning of December.  I added a few notes in bold to update what we had already written… We recently mentioned a new family coming, KB and Angela Blank.  It’s been a blessing have […]

Musana Kitchen

We are extremely blessed by recent donations that have come in to complete the Musana Camps Kitchen!!  We are blown away by the Lord’s provision (why should we be, though?  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!  He is more than able) and so grateful for the people that He provided through and have […]