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A Beautiful Beach

A while back we wrote about the bogs that had floated in to our swimming area at Musana.  Well they never did float away, and over the past several months we have set out to clear them away.  In the process we have started beautifying what we know will be one of the favorite activity […]

Calvary Community Church

  For the 2nd time since we moved to the camp in 2009, we were privileged to host a team from Calvary Community Church in Wisconsin, my home church.  The team of 13 was great…and so diverse in ages!  The youngest on the team was 9 yrs. and the oldest was in his late 70’s!!  […]

Meeting Hall Enhancements

March was a busy month of transforming Musana’s Meeting Hall in preparation for a significant retreat over Easter weekend. While the Kessels were here, we had a construction crew out to build quarter walls and the Kessel ladies painted the concrete beams and columns.  Syd, Matthew and whatever other staff were around were busy landscaping […]

Changing Spaces

In July, Nathan and Kendra had a team of 5 people helping here and at Kobwin Children’s Center.  They did a number of things including helping us to change over our store room into an office space.  Construction had just completed on the renovated storeroom building (we added on 4 store rooms!) and the team […]

Construction Update

Construction has been running full speed here at Musana.  In an effort to build our enterprise division here at camp and begin making income that will subsidize our operations we are boosting our cattle program.  In the photo above you’ll see we’ve begun building a house and storage room for our herdsman. In the picture […]