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Construction Update

After a couple of months to catch up on finish work and smaller projects, the construction crew is back and working in high gear. We are currently working on expanding our storage room, which is a project we started almost two years ago. It will be great to see this completed. The increased storage will […]

Rain and our Meeting Hall

During the time that the 1MoreChild girls were with us (a Monday through Saturday), we had 9 inches of rain!  There was also plenty of sun, which means that a lot of that rain came as heavy downpours, many times with driving wind.  We were really blessed to have the meeting hall (which has been […]

Medical Outreach 2011

Musana Camps recently hosted our second medical outreach with a team of of medically trained people from Lynden, Washington.  It was a tremendous success.  One of the greatest needs of the people in our area is good medical care, and so this has been a way that we can really make a difference.  Musana Camps […]

Construction Update

Currently at the camp, finishing touches are being made on the Bouffard’s house,  as well as finishing interior construction on the Jackson’s house and the building of our first and desperately needed staff house for our Ugandan staff.  We have been very excited to use the band saw that came over in 2010 to build […]

Our tipper is here at last!

I am very excited to post some photos of Musana’s new Tipper (dump truck)  that we recently received.   This tipper will revolutionize life and work at the camp.  Before we had to use either the back end of our car or a rented tipper to transport everything from rocks and grass turf, to tools, to […]