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Chris and Kathy

The night before the Kampala Baptist Church youth camp began, our friends, Chris and Kathy, flew in to Entebbe to be with us for a couple of weeks.  It was great having them here to help for the camp!  Chris was able to help run the program, Kathy jumped in as nurse/doctor a few times, […]

Luke and Maria

We had the fun privilege of having a couple from Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I worked and met at) come out to Musana Camps at the beginning of August.  Like we wrote recently about Keisha coming, we are always blessed to see how God provides people to help in times of […]

Jacksons on Home Assignment

Yesterday we (well, I, Andrea, and the kids as Syd is in Kenya for the week) said good-bye to the Jacksons until August.  We are definitely sad to see them go while excited for them to go back to the states and visit with family and friends.  We have been blessed through their friendship as […]

Andrea and Eva x2

We had our friends from Kasana come out with their family group for camp and then stay on a few days longer.  It was nice to visit with them.  We hadn’t been at the camp with them for a long time; Gabe (as head of construction at Kasana) used to come out to the camp […]


The other morning, I was greeted at our door by a lady from the area, Barbara, bringing a chicken to us.  A chicken is a traditional gift given for various reasons…in this case a thanks.  We had helped her baby brother over the course of several months, so her parents wanted to show their gratitude.  […]