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Handover Ceremony

November 6 was a big day at Musana. One of those days that you circle on the calendar, count down to, and work super hard to prepare for. All of the Musana staff were scrambling to get things ready for our big day…our official “Hand-Over” ceremony. This also happened to be the first big event […]

Goal Setting

Camp has been pretty quiet as of late. While we were in Kampala, the place was busy with various groups, but since we got back, there has only been one retreat…and that was while we were still on maternity/paternity leave! Several families have come to stay in the guesthouse and we are getting ready for […]

Road Construction!!!

Several months ago we started hearing rumors about a major road being built near Musana.  As we drove to town we started to see surveyors and lots of white “X’s” on houses and buildings marked for demolition.    Then one day we heard that construction was going to begin in August.  We couldn’t believe our eyes on our last […]


This past weekend we welcomed around 30 men from Kampala Baptist Church for a weekend retreat on “passing the baton” of biblical manhood to the next generation.  They were doing their own teaching, but it was exciting to host a retreat where they were touching on the heart of what we want to deal with […]