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Canada, Montana, and South Dakota Teams

We’ve been more than negligent lately in updating our blog.  So we are trying to post several updates…no matter how old the news is!  After the EBC team, we were blessed with 3 other teams throughout March. A team of 4 (one of the members being a 1-year old!) came for a few weeks to […]

World Race

  In April, we got an email from a lady named Tess wondering if we could host her World Race team during May.  Andrea had grown up in the same church as Tess so had known her for quite some time.  We didn’t know anything about the World Race (and our internet wasn’t working well […]

Dakota Team

February brought an event that we had been anticipating for quite some time—the arrival of the Dakota Team!  This team always seems like family to us and a breath of fresh air.  Although different people have been on the team each year, the Dakota Team has come each February that we have lived at the […]

Musana Needs, History, and Status

We’ve been working for the last several months on a comprehensive needs list for Musana Camps and I am happy to say that we finally have it ready.  The items listed will finish Musana’s rustic camp site and firmly establish operations as we move forward into future programs and developments.  Please take a look at […]

A unique way to help

Here is a unique way to help for anyone out there who quilts or sews.  We need heavy duty pot holders at the camp.  Many times the ladies who cook just use banana leaves when moving the hot pots off of the fires, because of this burns are common.  Simple heavy duty pot holders made […]