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Cabins for Kids – Trip Summary

It is now a little over a week after finishing the riding part of our Cabins for Kids fundraiser.  The whole trip was an incredible experience that I enjoyed completely, including the difficult days.  We are incredibly grateful for how it has gone and have put together a summary of the trip.  These are some […]

Cabins for Kids

  Have you ever believed in something so much that you are willing to do anything for that cause? It’s funny even typing that out, because the obvious answer is that for followers of Christ, we are ALL supposed to live like that! We should be daily pouring out of our lives because of all […]


We have enjoyed visiting with friends, supporters, and partnering churches these past 2 months. We are truly blessed by the group of people that the Lord has brought together to be part of this ministry. Thank you to all who partner with us!! One fun stop was at Camp Forest Springs where we got to […]

Debriefing and Briefing

This past week we were able to get some much desired time alone so that we could have a day of quiet debriefing about the last few years. We were able to leave Malachi and Eva with their Nana (lots of fun time for them, especially since their cousin was also there!)  We are blessed by all […]

Leaving Musana

One of the strangest and hardest parts of our life in Uganda is to have to pick up and leave every couple of years. Don’t get us wrong…we definitely love coming back to the US and reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing about what God is doing through the ministry there. But it is a […]