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Kobwin and Cave Paintings

At the end of May, Syd had some meetings up at Kobwin Children’s Center (another branch of NHU).  We packed up a tent and all trailed along (which the kids were SUPER excited about!).  A year ago, we had made the same trek, but I had been 6 months pregnant with a cold and giardia […]

Too Heavy for a Seatbelt

Thought I would share a little funny story from our life here.  The other week, we were driving home from Kampala from a midwife appointment and some other errands.  We had just made our final stop at the produce market and were on the dirt road on the way home.  We were surprised to see […]

Lake Flies

One of the “interesting” parts of life out here are the Lake flies.   They come and go where ever the wind blows them.   They come during certain seasons and hatch out in the lake rising up in clouds by the billions.  Some times the clouds are so big and black that they completely […]


One of the things that brings excitement around here are snakes… though not the type of excitement that we would like.  Last week someone was clearing out brush and undergrowth near the camp road found this snake a Gabbon Viper and thankfully wasn’t bitten by it.  Yes the snake is dead in the photo above […]

Musana storms…

This post is just for fun because I have a good photo series from the Jackson family of a storm moving in off of the lake that I wanted to share with you all.  Storms at the camp are pretty impressive and move just like a wall as you can see.