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Four S4s

It’s been hard at times to find local people who are willing to do some of the hard manual labor that needs to be done at the camp (and not because no one is available!).  Mid-November we were preparing for a trip into Kampala to get Malachi checked for a few things and it suddenly […]

Malachi Emmanuel Sparks

WE HAVE A SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The short version His name – Malachi Emmanuel Sparks Born – 09-10-09 at 8:35pm Weight – 8lbs 1oz Length – 20.9 inches Head circumference – 14.3 inches He is a healthy beautiful boy that we are very excited to have.  Andrea did have some complications with hemorrhaging at the end and […]

Failed Plans

We have had an interesting couple of weeks in which all of our plans have sort of gone out the window…reminding us that we can make all of the plans that we would like, but the Lord will ultimately guide our steps…and for that we are so grateful! We had been contemplating a trip into […]