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Family Visit!

The timing of Syd’s Dad and my sister, Melissa, arriving in Uganda could not have been better. They flew in on a Friday night, and Heidi was born Saturday around noon! What a huge blessing to have them with us for the first 3 weeks of her life.   We all crammed in to our […]

Heidi Kirabo Sparks

We are excited to announce the birth of Heidi Kirabo Sparks.  She was born Saturday September 6th at 11:56am in Kampala Uganda, weighing 3kg or 6lbs 12oz and measuring 19 inches long.  Heidi means noble or kind and Kirabo is a Luganda word/name meaning “gift”.  Kirabo is pronounced kee-rah–boh or as they pronounce it locally chee-lah-boh. […]

The kids

Thought we’d include some pictures of the kids and give a little update on how they are doing.  Malachi (now 4) loves playing legos, chasing off the “bad guys” with John, helping Daddy or Lukabya dig in the garden, looking at books, and helping me in the kitchen (although I still think that his desire […]

Our Garden

Since getting back, we have been dedicating a lot of our evenings and Saturdays to getting our garden planted.  It’s taking longer this season because we are really trying to do some things right to get a better harvest (including doing 4×4 ft. squares).  We are grateful for the ability to do this and are […]

World Race

  In April, we got an email from a lady named Tess wondering if we could host her World Race team during May.  Andrea had grown up in the same church as Tess so had known her for quite some time.  We didn’t know anything about the World Race (and our internet wasn’t working well […]