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Visiting the Dangers

Last week we made a much-awaited trip to visit the Danger family.  Jay and Vicki are the ones who founded New Hope almost 25 years ago and they have been there ever since.  We had a great time catching up with them and we had lots of great conversations that helped us to process through […]

Visiting the Woods

God gave us the biggest blessing of getting to stay at Gary and Louise Wood’s house in South Dakota for almost 2 weeks.  Granted we only got to BE with the Woods for about 5 days, but that was part of the plan…and we took what time we could with them! We actually had almost […]


So ants have been more than disturbing us lately.  There are always the never ending driver ants that you have to step over on the pathway, and sometimes you’ll get bit by a big stink ant, but those problems are slight.  In process of re-wiring our attic light last week, we found some sort of […]

Vacation in Africa

Vacationing in Africa usually has the potential for many interesting events.  Our trip to Kenya was definitely one that we will remember for a long time. We had made plans to go with Gabe and Andrea Williams, Jennie Dangers, and Loren, Donna, and Eva Fast to the coast of Kenya to spend several days at […]

Family Groups!!

Right after Jennifer and Chrissy left, we stepped into high gear to prepare for 2 different family groups to come to the camp, Calvary and Worcestor families.  We did many of the same things that we have done for the other family groups and these 2 families LOVED their time at the camp just as […]