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Staff Retreat

We just got back from a staff retreat at a beautiful retreat center called Prayer Mountain. I think that my jaw dropped open when we pulled through the gates, because we drove straight into a pine forest!! For those living in the US, that might not sound like a big deal because that is common […]

ROPES Meetings

Little by little we are seeing our ROPES program take shape. Syd has had the chance to share about the program with 3 different schools and they are very excited about getting their youth involved with the program. A few weeks ago, we had 5 Kenyans visiting from the African Christian Camping board. They came […]

Camp Programs

Throughout the last several months, we have had a handful of groups coming for retreats or camps.  The highlights of those camps have been the 2 ROPES camps that we have run for students from Kasana.  The first camp was for P7’s, which would be equivalent to junior high students.  Syd’s sister Keisha came to […]

The Latest Musana Camps News

Check out the latest camp newsletter to see what has been happening at Musana. To view the newsletter please click on the picture above.

Cabins for Kids – Trip Summary

It is now a little over a week after finishing the riding part of our Cabins for Kids fundraiser.  The whole trip was an incredible experience that I enjoyed completely, including the difficult days.  We are incredibly grateful for how it has gone and have put together a summary of the trip.  These are some […]