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Community Outreach

After attempting time and again to hold a youth outreach for a specific school in the area, we succeeded…although not with the school that we had originally had in mind!  That school had gotten so busy with end-of-year review and exams and they kept having to postpone.  However, about 30 young kids from Nalamuli were […]

The Sound of Chain Saws = Stress Levels Rising

For the past 4 weeks there has been the constant sound of chainsaws reverberating throughout Musana.  Unfortunately, the chain saws are being used on our property…but not by our direction or approval.  One of the last couple squatters remaining to accept compensation (a lady named Nansubuga) has been incredibly hard to work with.  She has […]


The other morning, I was greeted at our door by a lady from the area, Barbara, bringing a chicken to us.  A chicken is a traditional gift given for various reasons…in this case a thanks.  We had helped her baby brother over the course of several months, so her parents wanted to show their gratitude.  […]

A story and prayer request from Musana

This is an email from Dave one of our co-workers at Musana Camps regarding one of our neighbors that we have had many problems with.  As you read please pray for the camp staff that are still in Uganda and for our neighbor Kiwanuka. Syd   “The timing of your call was perfect!  Haha.  Seriously, […]

Step by Step, Little by LIttle

So slowly by slowly our house is getting finished amidst hosting groups, dealing with squatters and the like.  Gabe and Andrea Williams, and Gabe’s brother, Josh, came out for the better part of a week in August to work on the kitchen counters.  Otherwise, Syd has been doing most of the work by himself (well, […]