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A Day To Praise God For

For months now we have been talking with people about improving the road that runs between the villages of Zzitwe and Gaba (the two villages closest to Musana Camps)– the road that you must pass over to get to camp.  The road has been full of large pot holes, and when it rains heavily it […]

Christmas Party

On the Friday before Christmas, we threw a Christmas party for the full-time workers at the camp–3 security guards, a compound worker, a cook/laundry lady, and our “foreman”, Nswemu.  It was a great time had by all.  We enjoyed a Ugandan style feast for lunch and then Syd took time to share about the purpose […]

Cutting Trees

One of the continuing challenges that we have been facing here is people cutting down our trees.  We would ask that you would join us in praying that people will respect our property boundaries and our desire to keep our forest intact.

Boundaries and Squatters

We thought that we’d post a few pictures of some of the work that is currently going on at Musana.  The above picture is of some of the local men who we have hired to clear a 12-ft. path along the boundary line of the property–not an easy task when the forest is so thick […]

Roadmaster Bicycles

Here in Uganda there is a type of bicycle called Roadmaster.  The Roadmaster slogan is “any road, any load” and it is true.  I have seen people carrying anything you can possibly imagine on those bicycles. Well on monday I felt like a Roadmaster bicycle.  We have been having problems with one of our neighbors […]