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Kony 2012 Response

I believe many of you have noticed Uganda in the news lately, especially in regards to the video put out by Invisible Children titled Kony 2012, which has been all over Youtube and facebook. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Joseph Kony, he is the leader of the rebel group, the L.R.A. […]

Dakota Picnic

Last Saturday was the annual NHU Dakota Picnic–an event that we had been looking forward to since we found out we were going to be in the states when it was held.  More than 75 people gathered at a picnic shelter in Taylor, ND to reconnect with one another and to celebrate what God is doing […]

Kasana Community Church Elders’ Retreat

We don’t even have a picture to go with this entry…our time with the elders just went too quickly!  Six of the men that are leaders in the church at Kasana came for a 2-night retreat ending just yesterday.  It definitely felt like we were getting ready to receive family as we prepared for them […]

NHICF Retreat

The New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family does a retreat each term focusing on what your role as a man or woman really looks like through a biblical lens.  For the first time, they were able to take their retreat here to Musana.  They had class in the mornings and the afternoons were “free […]


We have had a new house member for the past month.  Serwada David moved in shortly after Krissy came and will be with us until mid-November.  He is a high-school age student at Kasana, going through the Investment Year (IY) program.  New Hope felt that its children were leaving for higher education without much direction […]