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Independence Day Football Tournament

To celebrate Uganda’s Independence Day (Oct. 9), Musana has begun hosting an annual football (soccer) tournament.  It has really grown in the 3 times that we have held it.  Teams registered from all over and LOTS of people showed up for the final matches on Independence Day. It was neat to see so many community people […]

Community Outreach

After attempting time and again to hold a youth outreach for a specific school in the area, we succeeded…although not with the school that we had originally had in mind!  That school had gotten so busy with end-of-year review and exams and they kept having to postpone.  However, about 30 young kids from Nalamuli were […]

IY and EYO

In Uganda, acronyms are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  UTODA, UCF, NSSF, etc, etc, etc.  Anyway, the title of this post are the acronyms for 2 groups that came out to camp in August – Investment Year and Emmanuel Youth Outreach.  Both of these groups are from Kasana Children’s Center and they came for a week […]

Calvary Community Church

  For the 2nd time since we moved to the camp in 2009, we were privileged to host a team from Calvary Community Church in Wisconsin, my home church.  The team of 13 was great…and so diverse in ages!  The youngest on the team was 9 yrs. and the oldest was in his late 70’s!!  […]

Medical Outreach

This past week we were privileged to have 2 groups of “volunteers” here from the states at the same time.  Nathan and Kendra have a team of 5 people (including Nathan’s sister) here for 2 weeks to do various construction projects.  At the moment, they are up at Kobwin Children’s Center for a few days […]