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Musana Kitchen

We are extremely blessed by recent donations that have come in to complete the Musana Camps Kitchen!!  We are blown away by the Lord’s provision (why should we be, though?  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!  He is more than able) and so grateful for the people that He provided through and have […]

Musana News – our 1st Camp newsletter!

Hello everyone. We have been planning to get this out for over a year now and here it finally is. The first issue of a newsletter specifically about Musana Camps. We hope to keep you all updated on what the Lord is doing at and through Musana Camps through this newsletter. Please read, pray, praise […]

An Unexpected Trip

In an earlier post, we mentioned that Syd got in on the doctor/medical action as well this “summer”.  Since 2011, we have noticed a raspiness in his voice—not a particularly urgent problem it seemed.  And we really only started to notice it because of going back to the states.  As we would see people for […]

Bogs — a new challenge

We have a new challenge at Musana to deal with. Several floating water hyacinth and grass bogs have made their way into our bay and some have settled right in our swimming area.  It doesn’t seem that they are going to move any time soon either.    As the photos show they are quite big […]

Easter Biblical Manhood/Womanhood Retreat

Over Easter, we had about 20 leaders from Kampala come out to Musana for a retreat on biblical manhood and womanhood.  NHU leadership, Jay and Jonnes, and staff members, Jennie and Adhe did all of the teaching and it was phenomenal!  They did a wonderful job of communicating some hard topics.  There was lots of […]