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The Sound of Chain Saws = Stress Levels Rising

For the past 4 weeks there has been the constant sound of chainsaws reverberating throughout Musana.  Unfortunately, the chain saws are being used on our property…but not by our direction or approval.  One of the last couple squatters remaining to accept compensation (a lady named Nansubuga) has been incredibly hard to work with.  She has […]

Setting the Course

This past week we spent several days at NHU’s headquarters meeting with the leadership of NHU to discuss plans for the coming year at the camp and in particular the transition that will happen as the Bouffard family goes back to the US for their home assignment.  While Dave is gone I (Syd) will be […]

Nswemu’s accident

Please join us in praying for Nswemu Nathan (the man with the long sleeved plain blue shirt in the middle of the photo above).  He recently had a bad motorcycle accident while traveling in Uganda.  He hit a dog and has been hospitalized for almost a week now with a broken leg and several other […]