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Thanks for all that have been praying for Syd’s surgery.  We are very grateful for the Lord’s hand in this whole process.  The surgery went well…although longer than the doctor expected.  The growth, which the doctors thought was pretty small, ended up being much bigger when they actually got down to it.  It was between […]

Luke and Maria

We had the fun privilege of having a couple from Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I worked and met at) come out to Musana Camps at the beginning of August.  Like we wrote recently about Keisha coming, we are always blessed to see how God provides people to help in times of […]


Throughout these years in Uganda, we have always been amazed at how God will send certain people to fill a need for a season…many times, even before we know it is a need!  He did it again when He sent Syd’s sister, Keisha, to live with us these past 2 ½ months.  We were really […]

A Gift for a Season

After 4 years, we lost our first dog here at the camp.  Nala (which means “gift” in Swahili) was such a blessing…a village puppy that was thrown out into the bush and ended up at our place one night about a month after moving to the camp.   From the beginning, she just seemed to know […]

President Museveni dedicates Uganda to God

The following was a prayer from President Museveni as Uganda celebrated 50 years of Independence on October 9, 2012. Father God in heaven, Today we stand here as Ugandans, to thank you for Uganda. We are proud that we are Ugandans and Africans. We thank you for all your goodness to us. I stand here […]