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Vacation in Africa

Vacationing in Africa usually has the potential for many interesting events.  Our trip to Kenya was definitely one that we will remember for a long time. We had made plans to go with Gabe and Andrea Williams, Jennie Dangers, and Loren, Donna, and Eva Fast to the coast of Kenya to spend several days at […]

A Container of Blessings

After much anticipation, the long awaited shipping container arrived at Kasana on Thursday, January 21st.  What an amazing blessing to receive so many gifts from ministry partners in the states.  Through the generosity of people in the Dakotas and other states, Musana Camps is now blessed with a New Holland skid steer, a welding generator, […]

The Milk Man

Day after day, month after month, Ronald Makuza, our milk man, faithfully, cheerfully delivers milk for the workers’ break.  Makuza is a member of the local church that we attend, and although we have limited communication with him because of language, he has proved himself trustworthy and honest… a man of integrity, very different from […]

The Dakota Projects

In our last newsletter, we put out word about several projects that people from the Dakotas were spearheading raising funds for.  In the last couple of weeks, we have been blown away by the generosity of God’s people.  In addition to several items for Kasana, funds were raised for a skidsteer, welding generator, and some […]

Solar Power

Solar Power!!!   What a wonderful thing.  It is amazing that with a few solar cells, wires, batteries, and the sun we can get electricity where we we may never have government power.  We have been blessed to purchase enough solar equipment to run our freezer, lights, computer, get us off of generator dependency, and give […]