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Recent Retreats

We started off the month with 2 retreats with returning groups — Heart of David (a group of worship leaders from several Kampala churches) and Watoto (a group of 30+ high school graduates from one of the country’s prominent children’s centers who were getting ready to go off to university over the next couple of […]


We got back from Kasana (after picking up supplies in Kampala) with one day to get ready for David Family to come for a 3-night retreat.  It was fun to have them back for the third time.  We packed their schedule with devotion times, group games, group initiatives and two intense hikes throughout our property.  […]


When you think of “a murderer, a child abuser, a tyrant, a dictator, adulterer, or a drunk…” what do you think of a man or a woman… Most people will automatically have the picture of a man in their minds. The truth is that many times they are men. Does this say anything about the […]

Family Groups!!

Right after Jennifer and Chrissy left, we stepped into high gear to prepare for 2 different family groups to come to the camp, Calvary and Worcestor families.  We did many of the same things that we have done for the other family groups and these 2 families LOVED their time at the camp just as […]

Investment Year Retreat

As mentioned, we hosted a retreat at the end of November for the Investment Year students from Kasana.  The Investment Year program is designed to help high school age students find further direction for schooling and life as they are discipled and given different opportunities to experience different career options.  Anyway, it was a really […]