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    January brought many groups for camps.  One of the highlights was the ROPES camp for students from several schools and homeschool co-ops in Kampala.  If you can tell from other posts and our newsletters, we really love ROPES camps!  It is a tremendously impacting camp program that comes at the end of a […]

January Holiday

Morning session during ROPES camp Parents join campers on last day of ROPES camp Because the Ugandan school year starts in February, January is often a busy month at Musana.  This year we had 4 groups as well as several individuals and families that came during the month.  One of the weeks was a returning […]


We recently held ROPES camp for 2 small Christian schools from Kampala.  It was a busy week full of teachable moments, challenging experiences with times of debriefing, and impacting Bible teaching on topics pertinent to the students’ lives. We loved seeing the transformation from the first day until the last.  On the first day, many […]

ROPES Meetings

Little by little we are seeing our ROPES program take shape. Syd has had the chance to share about the program with 3 different schools and they are very excited about getting their youth involved with the program. A few weeks ago, we had 5 Kenyans visiting from the African Christian Camping board. They came […]

Camp Programs

Throughout the last several months, we have had a handful of groups coming for retreats or camps.  The highlights of those camps have been the 2 ROPES camps that we have run for students from Kasana.  The first camp was for P7’s, which would be equivalent to junior high students.  Syd’s sister Keisha came to […]