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Leaving Musana

One of the strangest and hardest parts of our life in Uganda is to have to pick up and leave every couple of years. Don’t get us wrong…we definitely love coming back to the US and reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing about what God is doing through the ministry there. But it is a […]

Road Construction!!!

Several months ago we started hearing rumors about a major road being built near Musana.  As we drove to town we started to see surveyors and lots of white “X’s” on houses and buildings marked for demolition.    Then one day we heard that construction was going to begin in August.  We couldn’t believe our eyes on our last […]

Too Heavy for a Seatbelt

Thought I would share a little funny story from our life here.  The other week, we were driving home from Kampala from a midwife appointment and some other errands.  We had just made our final stop at the produce market and were on the dirt road on the way home.  We were surprised to see […]

And just like that…

And just like that our time in the States is over… We are leaving today for Uganda.  We had a good last couple of days with Andrea’s parents and sisters.  Now to say good-bye and get everything checked in smoothly for our flight!  Hopefully all of our luggage will make it this time around. Thanks […]

Starting the good bye’s

It definitely feels surreal that we are headed back to Uganda in 2 days!  Most of our bags are packed and we are just trying to tie up last-minute details, catch a last doctor appointment, etc.  We had a really good time in North Dakota in December and the first part of January.  Because of […]