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Musana Camps Newsletter

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As our airplane hit the ground in Entebbe, we had a sweet feeling of being back “home” where we belong for now in life. As much as we don’t enjoy the busyness/craziness of Kampala (the capital city that we have to drive through to get home), I even found myself enjoying it that day as […]

Still “here”

Our initial return date (September 21) came and went without us getting on an airplane to head back to Uganda–a strange feeling!  Several days before we had finally received results from labwork done on Syd’s “mystery tumor”–it was a rare thing called laryngeal amyloidosis.  Because there could possibly be a link to bone marrow cancer […]


Thanks for all that have been praying for Syd’s surgery.  We are very grateful for the Lord’s hand in this whole process.  The surgery went well…although longer than the doctor expected.  The growth, which the doctors thought was pretty small, ended up being much bigger when they actually got down to it.  It was between […]

IY and EYO

In Uganda, acronyms are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  UTODA, UCF, NSSF, etc, etc, etc.  Anyway, the title of this post are the acronyms for 2 groups that came out to camp in August – Investment Year and Emmanuel Youth Outreach.  Both of these groups are from Kasana Children’s Center and they came for a week […]